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Pr​actical Approach Canine Training

Group of dogs during the obedience training lesson.

Want to fix these?

✖ Chewing

✖ Leash Pulling

✖ Jumping on people

✖ Running out of doors

Happy dog making mess with papers on bed

✖ Barking at other dogs

✖ Rough playing

✖ Jumping on counters

✖ Or other bad behaviors?

✔Walking calmly

✔ Polite greetings

✔ Sit

✔ Down

Big Dog on the Dog Bed in the Living Room

Want to teach these?

✔ Come when called


✔Manners with family

✔And more!

Behavioral Retreat Programs

Let your dog stay with us, while we train them! With our behavioral retreat programs, your dog rec​eives personalized training tailored to your lifestyle. We instill essential skills and behaviors, ensuring a sea​mless transition into your home upon completion. While we provide the groundwork, owners are encouraged to​ stay committed, fostering a lasting bond with their well-trained companions. From basic obedience to adv​anced techniques, we equip dogs with the tools for success, with detailed daily updates of your dog’s tra​ining progress. Your dog's stay with us isn't just training—it's an investment in a harmonious relationship be​tween you and your​ dog.

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Basic Obedience Retreat

This program teaches your dogs ​the essential skills needed on ​leash: sit, stay, down, walking ​calmly without pulling, proper ​greetings. We also work on ​correcting negative behaviors like ​jumping, barking, etc.

Trainers provide structured ​sessions for reliable responses and ​focus with your pup. Through ​consistent practice, your dog will ​develop the foundation needed to ​become a well-behaved and ​obedient companion.

15 Days

Investment: $1,695

Dog Trainer with Belgian Malinois

Refined Retreat

Our refined program elevates and ​advances training for dogs after they ​learn their obedience foundations. ​Dogs will learn off-leash obedience ​and refine the skills learned such as ​sit, stay, down, walking politely on ​a leash, proper greetings and ​refining manners.

Your dog will receive instruction in ​various locations (pet-friendly ​stores, parks, public venues, etc) to ​help “proof” their behaviors, so they ​come home with a strong foundation ​for you and your family.

This is our most popular Retreat ​Program.

30 Days

Investment: $2,995

Therapy dog sitting in public library

Executive Retreat

The Executive Retreat provides fully ​polished off and on leash obedience ​and manners, in a variety of ​environments and situations. This ​includes sit, down, stay,place, ​walking on and off leash in the heel ​position, and ignoring more advance ​distractions.

With this program, your dog will ​receive enhanced exposure to ​public places and home ​environments. Confidence building ​and polishing skills is the primary ​goal of this program, and allows the ​proper timeline to achieve goals in ​mind.

60 Days

Investment: $4,995

Other Training Services

Dog Sitting on Pet Bed

7 Day Review Retreat

Going on vacation, or just want to work ​on your dog’s obedience? Stay with us ​and sharpen up the skills learned ​through our Retreat Programs!

This program is a great option for ​families who are going on vacation, ​and want their dog to also have a ​vacation where they can refresh their ​skills and go on some fun adventures ​during their stay with us.

This is reserved only for dogs that ​have been through our Retreat ​Packages. Any additional days are $75 ​each day.

7 Days

Investment: $500

happy dog
Training with dog
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Day Camp

Our most popular service of all that we offer: ​Day Camp! This is a great option for owners ​who want the benefits of a board and train, ​but want their dogs to stay home at night and ​the weekends. The day camp program is ​Monday through Thursday.

The 16 day program (4 weeks) is a good ​foundation to address mild behavior issues ​like jumping on you, pulling on the leash, or ​barging through doors- while working on ​basic obedience. The 28 day program (6 ​weeks) is more refined of a program to ​address mild behavior issues and advance ​on-leash obedience.

Included is a daily 10-15 minute session ​discussing what your dog learned that day, so ​you can maintain their new skills.

Experienced trainers focus on:

-Structured learning sessions and supervised ​play or outings.

-Basic obedience that includes sit, down, ​stay, and politely walking on a leash.

-Fixing minor negative behaviors like jumping, ​barking at other dogs, leash pulling, and more.

Results: A tired, happy pup with improved ​manners!

Drop off is in the morning from 7am to 9am, ​with pick up between 3pm-5pm- Monday ​through Thursday. Pickup and drop off times ​are scheduled in advance.

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4 week & 6 ​week Packages


$1,195 (4 weeks)

$1,895 (6 weeks)

Dog daycare owners playing with dogs

Private Lessons

Our private dog training lessons ​address minor behavioral issues like ​jumping and barking, and reinforce ​basic commands such as sit, stay, ​and come. Using positive ​reinforcement and customized ​plans, we ensure effective and ​enjoyable training sessions.

Contact us for more information ​regarding private lessons, as the ​amount required can vary based on ​behavioral issues that you want to ​correct or things you’d like to teach.

Contact for more info

Australian Cattle Dog
Running With Dog

Who We Are

Located near Needville, Texas, we specialize in professional ​dog training services aimed at strengthening the bond ​between you and your companion while fostering good ​behavior. Our dedicated team extends our services to the ​surrounding areas, catering to a diverse clientele, including ​out-of-state clients who seek our expertise.

With a focus on personalized training programs tailored to ​each dog's unique needs, we're committed to achieving ​lasting results. Whether addressing behavioral challenges, ​refining obedience skills, or enhancing communication, our ​goal is to empower both you and your dog to thrive together, ​creating a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

Note: We do not take human aggressive dogs or excessively ​anxious dogs, but can absolutely refer you to trainers who do.

Important: Prior to any training and/or boarding, all dogs are required to have up-to-​date vaccinations for Rabies, Bordetella, Lepto, and DAPP or DHPP. Vaccine records ​must be submitted prior to arrival, without exceptions.

Here’s what our clients are saying...

Ka​ren W.

“This trainer helped me and my boy ​Tiny. We were having a few problems ​he always wanted to pull when we ​went on our daily walks and he ​always wanted to run off when I ​didn’t have him on the leash. Now he ​is doing better and we don’t have that ​problem anymore. I reccomend this ​trainer to the rest of my friends who ​ne​ed help.”

Brad B.

“I was referred to Roxanne through a friend for help ​training my stubborn 5 year old Chocolate Lab. I was ​hesitant at first because of the distance with her being ​in Texas and me being located in NY, however I was ​willing to give it a try, and I am so glad I did. I was given ​a detailed email with specific lessons catered to my dog ​and his needs. There was a lot of focus on properly ​retraining the basic commands, and working from ​there. The amount of communication between the ​training staff and myself was outstanding, and there ​were even a few FaceTime calls to check in on progress ​and give directed training when we had some ​difficulties. My dog I once thought to be hopeless, will ​now sit, stay, focus, come when called, and has learned ​"leave it", "drop it" and can have his focus redirected ​almost immediately. The amount of dedication, ​knowledge, and support shown by Roxanne was above ​and beyond anything I expected and I cannot say ​enough good things about the trainers at Practical ​Approach Canine Training! I highly recommend them to ​anyone!”

St​acy H.

“My dog Ozzy was VERY reactive to all ​animals when I got him from the ​shelter. Taking him out in public or on ​walks was always hard and always ​stressful. We tried one other ​company but still struggled and had ​to start leaving him at home. With Ro​xanne’s training Ozzy’s life a​nd things are much more peaceful whe​n we go out. He is more confid​ent and doesn’t bark at everything to​ try and scare it first before it s​cares h​im. Happy we did this.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are conveniently located just ​outside of Needville, TX. We ​provide services to surrounding ​cities and counties, along with ​clients from other states.

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Q: Would our dog stay kenneled ​all of the time?

A: No. While we do work on crate ​training, dogs are welcomed into ​our homes and stay with us as if ​they were our own dogs. They are ​not housed outdoors or in a ​separate building, they will be living ​in-home during their stay.

Q: Do you take aggressive dogs?

A: We do not take people-​aggressive dogs or dogs with any ​bite history towards humans, but ​can refer you to trainers that do.

Happy Dog

Q: Do you take dogs currently in ​rescue?

A: Absolutely. As long as the dog is ​up to date on vaccinations and not ​people aggressive or have a bite ​history with humans, they are ​welcomed here. We have ​successfully helped numerous ​shelter dogs and rescue dogs get ​adopted through our training ​programs.

German Shepherd
Short-coated Tan Dog

Q: Do you take payment plans?

A: Yes. A deposit is required to hold ​your spot for training, with half of ​the remaining program balance ​being due 4 weeks later. Following ​this the total remaining balance of ​the program is due, at the latest, ​within 24 hours of dropping off your ​dog with us for training.

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Q: How old does my dog have to ​be for training?

A: Your dog must be at least 6 ​months old before partaking in any ​retreat and train programs. ​However, private lesson packages ​are offered for puppy owners who ​wish to start sooner than 6 months ​old.

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